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[ Interviewer ] Hi! So why don't cha introduce yourself? Hi my name is Tyler Provo. I am 21 years old and I've been playing for music for let's see, I'm not very good at math, about 11 years. [ Interviewer ] So 11 years ago, what was your first, like, experience like? Learning music and performing it? Well learning, we started in elementary school I barely remember my first quote unquote "music teacher." Name was Mrs. Boswell. She wasn't very good. *chuckles* And I didn't really learn a lot from her. I just remembered what the notes on the staff were. A,G,B,D,F and F,A,C,E. That is the only thing I took out of that musical experience. And then my first one that I remember that was competent was in sixth grade. It was my band director Mr. Hoffman. And he played clarinet and stuff and he was a woodwind player. And so as most woodwind players you find out don't really know nor care anything about percussionists. So we had random checks every know and then to check our music reading skills. But they weren't nearly as stringent as the rest of the band's. And we were kinda left to do our own thing. [ Interviewer ] So when did you first decide that you wanted to be into drumming? As opposed to the other instruments? Well I always actually wanted to play trumpet. I really like trumpet, I thought it was cool. And I realized that hey I have asthma and I can barely breathe when I do anything, so playing trumpet might not be the best choice. So I was like, drums are cool and I like hittin' things. I get to hit stuff with other stuff. So and that was about the extent of my thinking into it.[ Interviewer ] *chuckles* And of course my band director tried to get me to play clarinet like he did everyone else and I said No I keep wanting to keep playing drums![ Interviewer ] *chuckles* So I play drums. [ Interviewer ] How did, did private lessons ever figure into the equation? Um they were more of an idea than an actual practice. [ Interviewer} *chuckles* Um I had one private teacher at one point ever when it came to drums. And I learned drumset and that was for about three weeks that lasted. But that everything else was pretty much, I wouldn't say self-taught but cuz like reading notation and everything was, I had help from my director. But all technique and stuff was completely self-taught. [ Interviewer ] *sigh* When you were at Southview you were on the marching band drumline right? I was. [ Interviewer ] What was instr-, what was the first instrument that you you played when went there? The first instrument I played was snare drum. I made it as a freshman, me and my buddy. And we were the only two to make snare that year, we were that young. [ Interviewer ] *breathes audibly* [ Interviewer ] How, how much did you learn from the other members of the drumline would you say? From the other members of the drumline I remember our center, uh the center snare is the person who is in charge of the row, usually one of the most senior members. So we er just called the center. But I remember she would try and teach me things and stuff and I remember I absorbed a lot my first few months and then the more I got into it the more I realized she had no idea what she was really talking about.[ Interviewer ] *snickers* And she was the person who actually started teaching me drumset a year or two before that for a couple weeks and then I just stopped [ Interviewer ] So that was, that was the same person? That was the same girl, yeah. Her name was Leslie. But um yeah and then -- [ Interviewer ] Wait so where did you get an idea for, like, what good, like, technique is? [ Interviewer ] Like traditional grip on the snare and on the tenors? Watching, watching internet videos and mimicking what I saw. And really just, I guess, logic? Is just seeing the way your hand works. It's like the way you can hold the stick, there's lots of different ways to hold it. And there's ways where you want, you want to do as little work as possible when you're drumming It's that's, that's the key factor. Efficiency is what you look for at all points. And the way some people like to teach is highly inefficient. And it's, it's just it makes no sense to me. And it never did at the time and it makes even sense now when I realize that most of the professional world in drumming views it the same way I do. So I dunno. [ Interviewer ] Alright well thank you for your time, appreciate it.Alright.