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[00:00:00.01] I'm Nikki Villoria and...
[00:00:04.02] I'm going to talk about how I learned to read and I was
[00:00:08.03] born in the Philippines so from a young age they taught
[00:00:12.04] Tagalog and English at the same time so
[00:00:16.05] when I went to grade school or like Kindergarten
[00:00:20.06] we had both classes and ... so I think I
[00:00:24.07] learned both languages simultaneously and..
[00:00:28.08] I also remember reading English out of a book
[00:00:32.09] and I was like.. five
[00:00:36.10] so that kind of helped
[00:00:44.12] [ Interviewer ] So would you say youre still fluent in both languages? -...
[00:00:48.13] I understand Tagalog but it's kind of weird speaking it
[00:00:52.14] [ interviewer ] Is it like.. a different
[00:00:56.15] is it like very different from English?
[00:01:00.16] -yeah I think so [ interviewer ] So would you say it was like hard to
[00:01:04.18] learn both at the same time since they're so different? -I think 'cuz I was so young
[00:01:08.19] it was easy to do it and like have it
[00:01:12.21] engrained from the beginning... and like 'cuz
[00:01:16.22] my parents still speak it now [laughter]
[00:01:20.23] and so its like a continuous...
[00:01:24.24] repitition.. I still remember
[00:01:28.26] [ interviewer ] So do your parents speak English at home? -They speak both
[00:01:32.26] [ Interviewer ] thanks