Transcripts of Roxanne-original

[00:00:00.01] Hi my name is Roxanne and this is my literacy narrative.
[00:00:04.02] I grew up in Cincinnati in the suburbs and
[00:00:08.02] ...both my parents worked my whole life
[00:00:12.04] so I was put in a daycare slash
[00:00:16.05] preschool at the age of like six weeks
[00:00:20.05] during the day I was always taken care of and
[00:00:24.06] watched over by...the daycare workers
[00:00:28.07] as opposed to my parents. So a lot of my reading
[00:00:32.08] experience that I remember from that age is
[00:00:36.09] at...daycare and
[00:00:40.10] one...experience that really sticks out in my mind is
[00:00:44.11] when, it was the year before preschool or
[00:00:48.12] before kindergarten and like our teacher for that year in preschool
[00:00:52.13] slash daycare made us like read this book
[00:00:56.14] I forget what it was but it was one of those books that has like two words
[00:01:00.15] per page with giant pictures and it's like "dog" and like "run"
[00:01:04.16] but I thought it was the biggest deal ever and she made us read it in front of the class
[00:01:08.18] and I still have like a
[00:01:12.19] photographic like memory of that in my brain
[00:01:16.20] ...but I, I remember like feeling great afterwards
[00:01:20.21] too like I just read so I already kind of like had a
[00:01:24.22] foundation of reading going into kindergarten
[00:01:28.23] and then once I got into kindergarten
[00:01:32.24] ...we did the basic like learn your letters kind of thing
[00:01:36.25] and the way they did that at the school I went to was they used letter people
[00:01:40.26] and I guess, probably every week we would do a different
[00:01:44.27] letter or something and there would be like videos that we would watch on them
[00:01:48.28] and like each letter would kind of have a, it's own personality
[00:01:52.29] so that was
[00:01:56.30] my non-family...literacy experience
[00:02:00.31] that I can remember from when I was little but...
[00:02:04.32] [ laugh ] My
[00:02:08.34] parents also definitely read to me and I remember that. It was mainly
[00:02:12.35] like the normal before you go to bed like reading kind of thing
[00:02:16.36] ...but they didn't read to me
[00:02:20.38] for very long, like they probably
[00:02:24.39] stopped reading to me when I was probably
[00:02:28.41] like first or second or third grade cuz they never really read big books like I hear
[00:02:32.42] a lot of people who's parents read them like _Harry Potter_ or like _Lord of the Rings_ and my
[00:02:36.43] parents, the only things I remember them reading to me were _The Tickle Octopus_ which
[00:02:40.44] was like a goofy book about these prehistoric people
[00:02:44.45] who like find a pet octopus and it tickles them and...
[00:02:48.46] _Goodnight Moon_, which is a really simple book but they like read them
[00:02:52.47] to me and my sister cuz she's younger than me so it's probably why I remember that
[00:02:56.48] one...So they would do that before
[00:03:00.49] I went to bed but other than that I don't
[00:03:04.51] really remember them reading to me or...really
[00:03:08.52] encouraging me to read. The only encouragement I remember
[00:03:12.53] getting to read was from like school and we did have to do a lot of that for
[00:03:16.53] school so that's probably why I never did anything outside of school like even
[00:03:20.55] from first and second grade, we were always like reading books in school
[00:03:24.55] even if they were, or we would have to do like sustained silent reading in class
[00:03:28.57] or we would have to read like a certain number of books per
[00:03:32.58] quarter or something but they were just like little books like Nancy Drew...
[00:03:36.59] but...
[00:03:40.60] I feel like since I went to a good like
[00:03:44.62] ...elementary school and preschool
[00:03:48.62] that kind of like helped me out nowadays because I've like taken AP classes
[00:03:52.64] in high school and I'm in the Honors program here
[00:03:56.65] so like that foundation that they gave me, that they pushed me has like
[00:04:00.67] instilled in me to push myself now...
[00:04:04.68] But I think it also might have like
[00:04:08.69] backfired as well a little bit because I don't like reading now
[00:04:12.71] and it might be because I was like always forced to like even
[00:04:16.72] all the way up to high school like I took AP English senior year
[00:04:20.73] and it was just so many books and I was like I'm never reading again. I just actually
[00:04:24.73] got around to reading Harry Potter this past summer and that's, I've liked loved
[00:04:28.75] the movies my whole life and I finally read them this summer.
[00:04:32.76] is that enough
[00:04:36.78] do you think? Ok, that's basically it. Interviewer: Alright, thank you. Roxanne: Ok, you're welcome