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Writing with Pictures

"Most of us are not a Longfellow or a Hemingway and space is limited on stone."
--Lew Herstead, monument designer and stone cutter since 1938 (2000, personal communication)

Explanation of the Contents of this Page
I am certainly not an expert on monument design, but after touring the "newer" sections of a number of cemeteries with my friend Lou Ann Herstead, who is a monument designer, I became fascinated by the secular imagery--the cats, the footballs, the color photographs--that people are choosing for their monuments. In the Design and Manufacture of Monuments section of this website, I address how technology makes the application of imagery easier and cheaper, so here I am going to focus on the possible meanings behind the secular images chosen.

Rather than use my own words interspersed with quotes from others, I present excerpts from emails sent back and forth between Lou Ann, her father Lew Herstead, and me. Also, because of the large number of photographs used, I have separated each discussion into satellite pages.

What do pictures do that words can't? A conversation (via email) with two experts