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A Life Story in Stone

This monument is an excellent example of how a person uses images and text to tell a life story (or at least part of a life story) in stone. You certainly would not have seen something like this in Puritan times, much less fifty years ago.
Monument showing numerous scenes from oil fields
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Below are close-up details of the monument accompanied with Lou Ann Herstead's explanation of the design of the monument.

"I worked with an older man who was a sharecropper in Texas as a kid and who [had to] fish to eat and who became a wildcatter in the oil fields. Short story, he became very rich."
Oil Rig
"[On the front of the monument were religious symbols and verse along with his and his wife's names.] The back is where he really put his effort and it is a memorial to him, without mention of his wife, except the photo of her and her dog"
A woman and a dog
". . . He was pretty happy with the monument. This monument represented about 40 some hours of my time with him, so when he asked me to find something to say on the base, I felt I needed something that said how unique this guy was [to go from poverty to] the top of western Nebraska. All of the engravings are from scenes from his life, with the exception of the cowboyized End of the Trail on the right-hand corner. He wanted that."
End of the Trial--Exhausted Cowboy and Horse

"We did not have a photo of the cotton picking but knew from books what it looked like."--Lou Ann (11/12/2000)

People picking cotton

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