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Site Map


Large Black Square=Home Page
Small Black Square=Reference Page
Aqua Rectangle=Acknowledgments
Gray Ovals=Monument Pages
I=Stone Types II=Background on Monument Imagery III=Writing with Pictures IV=Design and Manufacture of Monuments
Large Green Circles=Metacognitive Pages
A=Comments on Site Design B=Concerns about Access C=Why this Project? D=Writing with Hyperlinks E=Copyright and Web Publishing F=The Technology Club G=Who am I? H=Tips for Teaching (with satellite, The Joys of Hypertext)
Red Hexagons=Satellite Pages where monument designers discuss the use of pictorial imagery a=Initial Questions [for monument designers] b=A Private Language of Their Own c=A Life in Stone d=A Drawing Would Satisfy Their Desire
Purple Circles=Large Photos

Sorry about the image. Because the original graphic is from an ink jet printer and because the scanner I used is a few years old, the resolution is not sharp enough. If I had printed the original with a laser printer and if I had used a new scanner, the image would be better. (Clearly, if a person wants to get into a lot of web design, a lot more equipment needs to be purchased than just a computer.This need for the newest accessories is yet another sign of the economic pressures of computerized technology. )

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