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Title: Whatcom Community College Digital Literacy Narratives
Description: Whatcom Community College is creating a collection of literacy narratives which we hope to add to over time. As a CC, we have a profoundly diverse student population, which we hope to represent through this ongoing collection.
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.DALN/1592
Date: 2010-06-22

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Jesus Garcia.mov 13.68Mb video/quicktime View/Open
Jordan Simpson.mov 17.50Mb video/quicktime View/Open
Ryan Wilson.mov 19.01Mb video/quicktime View/Open
Tiffany Fidler.mov 7.786Mb video/quicktime View/Open
Timofey Grebenyuk.mov 19.57Mb video/quicktime View/Open
Toni Stanley.mov 22.73Mb video/quicktime View/Open

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