Literacy Narratives of English Teachers at Marysville High School

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Literacy Narratives of English Teachers at Marysville High School

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Title: Literacy Narratives of English Teachers at Marysville High School
Author: female
Description: The purpose of this project is to get a deeper view into the literacy histories of three individuals. The research question that will be answered is whether or not personal literacy experiences influence ones choice of occupation. The individuals that were chosen are all linked together because they are high school English teachers. Information will be obtained via interview with each person. The interview will be casual, taking place in a classroom, and questions will be asked to guide the interview. The majority of it will be the subject sharing their experiences. During the interview, the subjects will discuss their life stories dealing with literacy and how literacy has affected them. The interviews with each person will allow the researcher to understand different literacy histories and determine whether or not there is a correlation between literacy history and job choice. Each interview does not have a specific time length to it, they will instead depend on how much information the subject shares with the researcher.
Date: 2011-09-30

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