The Fax Machine Taught Me How To Read

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The Fax Machine Taught Me How To Read

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dc.description This piece is the result of the prompts, storyboarding activities, and a peer review type of exercise. Recording proved to be difficult with lack of equipment, but working with what I had led me to explore media options I hadn't worked with before and realize how equipped even the cheapest piece of technology is for this kind of multimodal project. I opted to splice the piece together with examples of the commercials I speak of in the narrative, not only to give the viewer a break from slower parts of the piece, but also to give validity to the statements I make. Transferring these videos from old video tapes proved difficult and several of them ended up pretty grainy. Although I wrestled with the idea not to include the commercials, I feel the decisions to incorporate them into the video was a wise one. en_US
dc.language English en_US
dc.subject Commercials en_US
dc.subject Fax en_US
dc.subject Columbia College en_US
dc.subject Chicago en_US
dc.subject CTPF11 en_US
dc.title The Fax Machine Taught Me How To Read en_US
dc.rights.consent under-18 en_US
dc.rights.release under-18 en_US
dc.coverage.period 1990-1999 en_US
dc.coverage.period 2000-2009 en_US
dc.coverage.period 2010-2019 en_US
dc.coverage.region Midwest en_US
dc.coverage.stateprovince Illinois en_US

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