Video Editing in Community Future Casting Projects

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Video Editing in Community Future Casting Projects

Show simple item record Whitlinger, Brian 2012-02-15T19:36:35Z 2012-02-15T19:36:35Z 2012-02-14 2012-02-15
dc.description This story is about video editing and adapting to changes in technology. en_US
dc.subject video editing en_US
dc.subject computers en_US
dc.subject user interface en_US
dc.subject open-source en_US
dc.subject activism en_US
dc.subject art en_US
dc.subject art and technology en_US
dc.subject community future casting en_US
dc.subject eTech Ohio 2012 en_US
dc.title Video Editing in Community Future Casting Projects en_US
dc.creator.gender male en_US
dc.creator.raceethnicity white en_US
dc.creator.class student en_US
dc.creator.class middle class en_US
dc.creator.yearofbirth 1989 en_US
dc.rights.consent adult en_US
dc.rights.release adult en_US
dc.coverage.period 1990-1999 en_US
dc.coverage.period 2000-2009 en_US
dc.coverage.period 2010-2019 en_US
dc.coverage.nationality American en_US

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